What Client Wanted

The clients came to us with the IDEA of making the best, most beautiful and comprehensive website in the chess industry. They wanted a sleek, 2015 user interface, as well as games, memberships, streaming video, & more.

Basic Structure

This is a 100% hand-made, custom-coded site. We decided on taking this route since the client wanted a relatively complex site, with custom interface, animations, games, services, etc.

Technologies Featured

This site features HTML5 & CSS3 for structure & style, with jQuery animations, Python login/payment/membership systems, jinja2 templating, and JavaScript chess games running in node.js.

To Build a Similar Site

Our no-overhead model allows us to charge between $5k and $20k for a complex site like this, with a 3-8 week turnaround time. Our “competitors” in Miami charge $30k-$100k, with a 2-5 month timeline.

Desktop Site

The desktop site features lots of animations that activate on scroll. Notice the aesthetically pleasing, 2015-feeling layout and the mouseover effects on the horses, social media icons, etc.

Mobile Site

This website uses Twitter’s “Bootstrap” technology to create a smoothly flowing experience on any device, no matter how small. We used Bootstrap to reformat some sections for mobile, while completely removing others. Check it out on your smartphone or tablet!