What Client Wanted

The client wanted a modern-looking, one-page, scrolling website for his chess organization.  He also wanted a custom “meter” on the front to show how much money was raised, which connects to his company’s PayPal.

Basic Structure

Because of the simplicity of the design and the complexity of the donation-counter customization, we decided to go with a custom-coded site.

Technologies Featured

This site features HTML5 & CSS3 for structure & style, with JavaScript running the donation-counter.  The site runs on a shared-hosted Apache server.

To Build a Similar Site

Our no-overhead model allows us to charge between $1k and $5k for a site like this (simple, but with complex customized software elements), with a 1-3 week timeline. Our “competitors” in Miami charge $3k-$10k, with a 3-8 week timeline.