What Client Wanted

Our client wanted a beautifully styled yet maintainable website that he could easily update himself.  He also wanted it right away, for as little money as possible.

Basic Structure

Since our client wanted a quick, cheap, beautiful site that he could update himself, we decided to move forward with a WordPress site with a professional theme.  The client had his website in 3 days, for a very low price.

Technologies Featured

This WordPress site relies heavily on WordPress’s famous CMS (Content Management System); to add a new listing, all our client has to do is log into his account, add a photo, some text, some descriptions, click “update,” and it’s good to go!

To Build a Similar Site

Our no-overhead model allows us to charge between $500 and $2k for a simple CMS-template site like this, with a 2-5 day turnaround time. Our “competitors” in Miami charge $1k-$5k, with a 2-4 week timeline.