Victor Skill Showcase

This website features some of Victor’s skills, including HTML5 canvass animations, video game / software design, and his github page.  You can even find his resume on this site!


HTML5 Canvas

The brain animations on the front of the site uses an HTML5 canvas instead of normal images, providing interactivity, fast loading times, and good performance. Victor’s canvass features randomly generated animations and uses no external libraries, to increase the page’s load speed by over 90% and improve user experience.

Video Game Design

Check out some of the video games Victor made, in the “Game Dev” section!  Contact us if you want to try them out for yourself!


Victor's Resume

If you want to get a better idea of who Victor is, his skills and past work experience, etc, check out his resume through the “Resume” link!


Use the GitHub link to actually connect with Victor on GitHub, or just to see some of the projects he’s been working on lately!

Mobile Friendly

Note that this hand-coded site is responsive, mobile-friendly, and touch-compatible as well!  Try it out on your smartphone or tablet!